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Sharps waste is a form of medical waste composed of used sharps, which includes any device or object used to puncture or lacerate the skin. Sharps waste is classified as biohazardous waste and must be carefully handled. Common medical materials treated as sharps waste are :

  • Syringes & injection devices
  • Blades
  • Contaminated glass & some plastics

Svethansh Sharps Removal Service

Svethansh are a licenced company to handle the safe removal and destruction of sharps from Healthcare facilities. This includes both re-usable SharpSmart containers together with disposable single use containers.

Disposal methods are based on the type of sharps waste included within the containing vessel. The common disposal options are :

  • Destruction via Hammer Mill & Chemical De-contamination (Landfill)
  • Destruction via Hammer Mill & Autoclaving (Landfill)
  • Destruction via Incineration