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Pharmaceutical Waste Hospitals & Chemists

Hospitals generate a substantial amount of pharmaceutical waste some hazardous, some non-hazardous that requires proper drug disposal. Generally, this waste is composed of drugs that have been partially dispensed, but not completely used. Our Svethansh & Company services are designed to help hospitals characterize, segregate, transport and properly dispose of these materials, as well as conveniently handle their expired drugs.

Drug Company Handling

Svethansh & Company works with drug manufacturers to handle the destruction of recalled, overrun and expired pharmaceuticals. We also destroy manufacturing raw materials. We take a highly strategic and customized approach in providing efficient documentation for every client for complete confidence.Pharmaceutical waste is disposed of by high temperature incineration.

Alternate Therapy Options

Svethansh & Company also offers our secure handling and disposal processes to alternate medicine and beauty manufacturing to dispose of returned or over-run treatments and medicines.


Svethansh & Company operates licensed high temperature incineration facilities in all 15 and more Units. Svethansh & Company systems ensure secure transport and complete destruction of out-of-date products, manufacturing overruns, discontinued lines, out of specification products, raw material and production waste. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements.