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Svethansh & Company, the leader in waste and environment management is the pioneer in emphasizing of the need to set up scientific common bio medical waste treatment and disposal facilities.

M/s Svethansh & Company is now having its head office in Mahbubnagar, Telangana. M/s Svethansh & Company is having relevant experience for the last 8 years and have expertise, technology & track records to ensure smooth Bio-Medical Waste Management.

We have technically qualified and professionally trained and experienced personnel to perform waste audits and capable of training the hospital personnel in waste minimization practices, segregation, packaging and in occupational safety. We also proposes to provide guidance in packaging of the wastes.

The identified process shall ensure the integrity of packaging through out its cycle including handling, transportation and treatment / disposal. Collection and transport of the wastes is performed by Medicare by their personnel from the health care establishment centers on a daily basis without causing inconvenience to the HCEs. Upon receipt of the waste at the facility the wastes shall be properly treated and/or disposed off in accordance with the treatment technologies mentioned above.